StratOp Planning


The Strategic Operating Plan Process, facilitated by a Certified Facilitator, guides your organization to make sense of today’s realities, focus your future vision, and design and install a plan to get you there. This process is time-tested, customized to your needs, and validated by a diverse line-up of organizations.

Discover a planning system that has decades of proven case studies, gathers and extracts the best thinking from you and your leadership team, and results in a Plan-On-A-Page and Action Playbook that your team owns, installs, and manages. Behaviorally sound, this six-phase process releases your team to manage your organization as a whole, not as a collection of parts. Each step logically and systematically builds on the next, blending together the strategic, operational and financial aspects of your organization.

10 Pillars of the Paterson StratOp Planning Process

    1. A Holistic Approach
    2. Addresses the Strategic, Operational, and Financial
    3. Believes it is the Enterprise that Succeeds or Fails
    4. The PROCESS is a Management System
    5. Adaptation is Built In
    6. A Relentless War on Waste
    7. Work is Reorganized by its Own Logic
    8. Controls Performance Drivers towards Breakthrough
    9. Develops Multi-dimensional Leaders
    10. Identifies Enterprise W.I.N.’s (What’s Important Now)