INDIVIDUALS and TEAMS working toward joint performance make effective ORGANIZATIONS. We can help you clarify and align your organization to maximize results.

Only you can define success, we can help you get there.


Best-in-class organizations plan operationally (the OP) and strategically (the strat).  The StratOp process is an intense organizational planning process that helps drive your organization into the future. Find out more about our strategic planning process for organizations-the StratOpthe same process used by Ford Motor Company to achieve their latest comeback.

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The FOCUS tool was co-created by Derek Bell and members of Bob Buford’s, “Bob, Inc.” team using Peter Drucker’s timeless wisdom.

 FOCUS is a facilitated process that uncovers the most important questions an organization needs to keep in…sharp focus.

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Stay tuned for more on commissioning a study on your organization’s culture. 

Peter Drucker famously said, “Culture eats strategy for lunch.”