Mosaic has worked with numerous families to clarify the vision for their philanthropic giving. Most philanthropists and families desire to maximize the impact of their hard-earned dollars…they just need someone to walk alongside them in this new world. 

After studying and advising Bob Buford for almost 15 years, we have a deep understanding of how to clarify vision and plan to solidify your legacy.

Bob Buford pictured with Peter Drucker, known as “The Father of Modern Management.”
Peter mentored Bob as he developed a framework to maximize his philanthropic activities.  LEARN ABOUT BOB’S FRAMEWORK!


What a Texas Entrepreneur Learned from the Father of Modern Management

By Bob Buford

In the traditions of Tuesdays with Morrie and The Last Lecture, this is the inspiring true story of two men who decided to make a significance difference-and did.  As Bob Buford and Peter Drucker discovered, when people share a common and compelling vision, anything can happen.

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