To achieve maximum results we often need the guidance of someone who can push and pull us in a way that challenges us to move forward.  Getting unstuck is hard.  Mosaic Strategy has coached global thought-leaders and men and women just launching their careers.  Where ever you are in your journey we can help maximize the results you are working to achieve.



What does coaching look like…

Individual Coaching
During an initial (complimentary) coaching session we will discuss why you need a coach and what results you want to move toward.  While you are deciding if we are the right fit you, we will create a coaching plan that provides a framework.  The coaching will start with one-on-one sessions (live or via phone/skype) that last for 60 minutes. During those 60 minutes we will work on the priorities important to achieving your stated results.

Team Coaching
A team coaching approach is much the same as an individual coaching engagement.  The team’s priorities dictate the direction of the total engagement and thus, each session.  Team coaching can exponential maximize the results a team contributes to the whole of an organization.