Change Your Leaders to Change Your Culture

Change Your Leaders to Change Your Culture is the title of a good article on corporate culture.  One line in the article reads…

The ultimate summary statement on the topic may have been Peter Drucker’s familiar saying, “Culture eats strategy for lunch.”

It’s worth a look-see:

10 Success Lessons from Drucker

Peter Drucker, “the father of modern management,” turned management theory into a serious discipline. In a legendary career that spanned almost 70 years, he revolutionized modern business practices, influencing such far-reaching developments as decentralization, privatization and empowerment.

Drucker was among the first to address the emergence of the information society and, in 1959, coined the now-defining term “knowledge worker.” His plain-spoken style and his use of simple language to express complex business strategies resonate with managers of business and social institutions the world over. As a result, his influence is felt every day in untold numbers of business and policy decisions around the globe.

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What is “Buford/Drucker 1”

The “Buford/Drucker 1” will be a weekly nugget from Bob Buford or Peter Drucker that if taken seriously and applied…can go a long way in your life and work.

A little about Peter…

Peter Drucker is known as the “Father of Modern Management” and for good reason.  In his own words, when asked about his contribution to the study of management, Peter said this…

That I early on – almost sixty years ago – realized that MANAGEMENT has become the constitutive organ and function of the Society of Organizations;

That MANAGEMENT is not “Business Management” – though it first attained attention in business – but the governing organ of ALL institutions of Modern Society;

That I established the study of MANAGEMENT as a DISCIPLINE in its own right; and

That I focused this discipline on People and Power; on Values, Structure and Constitution; and ABOVE ALL ON RESPONSIBILITIES – that is focused the Discipline of Management on Management as a truly LIBERAL ART.

Peter F. Drucker – written in response to the question…what do you consider your most important contribution?

The “Drucker 1 Thought” will be a weekly nugget from Drucker that if taken seriously and applied…can go a long way in your life and work.